the real axis of evil – Imam Abdul Alim Musa

19 May

“If the Muslims in Egypt have a good program and they develop some so-called freedom you will have the so-called Salafis, right?, who come behind them with Saudi funding and Saudi money and undermining their effort.

If you look at the military you will see that the US government has justified anything that they want to do to Muslims. For example, if Muslims are killed in Najaf and in Karbala [Shiite holy sites in Iraq] going for Ziarat [pilgrimage], it is no problem.

But if Muslims are killed and slaughtered and doctors jailed in Bahrain, no this is very important. In Bahrain there is nothing said about it and it is not important. That is because the enemies of Islam have drawn a picture of Muslims and Islam and now they feel justified in any attack that they want to make on us. “

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