US State Department lackeys head up “human rights” outfits re: #Syria

26 May

The US State Department is the supposedly “diplomatic” arm of the US empire – but it is little or nothing “diplomatic.” Essentially the Department works to set up motives for imperial military actions and invasions.

Given the recent support that liberal-left groups gave to the imperial attacks on Libya and Syria, it should come as no surprise that two so-called “human rights” organizations (Amnesty International US, and Avaaz ) that gave (and are giving) the imperial attacks the cover of “human rights” are headed up by Ex-US State Department employees:

Amnesty International is headed by Suzanne Nossel, check out her statement taken from AI’s website:

Most recently, she served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations at the U.S. Department of State, where she was responsible for multilateral human rights, humanitarian affairs, women’s issues, public diplomacy, press and Congressional relations. At the State Department, Nossel played a leading role in U.S. engagement at the U.N. Human Rights Council, including the initiation of groundbreaking human rights resolutions on Iran, Syria, Libya,

… interesting, to say the least, her focus on the three nations that are on the receiving end of US imperial attacks.

See also: Liberal Imperialism at its best: Amnesty International

The Founder of Avaaz another anti-Syrian / pro-US-Saudi-Qatri sponsored mercenaries outfit is Tom Pravda who has served as an advisor to the US State Department.

A head nod to an MRZine – tweet:

mrzine_notes Btw, in case you didn’t know, #Amnesty Int’l USA is led by a former #StateDept official. So is #Avaaz’s campaign manager. #Syria

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