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Entrevista con Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas por TeleSur

30 Jun

Entrevista con Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, uno de las más destacados líderes de la izquierda mexicana, fundador del Partido de la Revolución Democrática, tres veces candidato presidencial, y quien fuera el primer alcalde de oposición de la Ciudad de México. teleSUR

30 Jun

Aside from the usual garbage statements about “human rights abuses” in the Islamic Republic – that most western / secularists must include as a disclaimer in order to be taken seriously by western liberals – a fairly decent article on women in the Islamic Republic.

Salt of the Earth

30 Jun

One of the finest movies made in the US on labor struggles: “The film was denounced by the United States House of Representatives for its communist sympathies, and the FBI investigated the film’s financing. The American Legion called for a nation-wide boycott of the film. Film-processing labs were told not to work on Salt of the Earth and unionized projectionists were instructed not to show it. After its opening night in New York City, the film languished for 10 years because all but 12 theaters in the country refused to screen it.”

Obama regime to “tax” poor people if they don’t pay up to insurance companies

29 Jun

In one of the most despicable policies of the Obama regime’s attack on poor/working class people of the United States, the regime is set to “tax” (fine) poor and working class families who find themselves without enough funds to “buy” (pay $$$ ) into the coffers of mega insurance companies. Instead of a publicly funded decent health care system – the people of the US will now find themselves ever more in the clutches of the 1% thanks to liberals and the corporate regime that has hijacked the country:

The real losers in the latest Supreme Court decision, however, are the people of the United States. Not those who will be required to go out and buy some over-priced, minimal coverage, rip-off insurance plan offered by the private insurance industry, or to pay a “tax” to the IRS for not doing so, but everyone.

This is because the Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable. It does little or nothing to control health care costs, which are destined to continue to gobble up an ever increasing amount of the total US Gross Domestic Product as well as of corporate profits and families’ incomes.
… Obama deliberately shut out all discussion of the Canadian-style approach to national health coverage — a national program of government insurance for all, with doctors’ rates and hospital charges negotiated by the government — and instead devised a scheme that leaves the whole payment system in the hands of the private insurance industry, and effectively lets doctors and hospitals charge what they can get away with.

Obama did this because he was a huge recipient of money from all sectors of the health care industry — the insurance companies, the hospital companies, the American Medical Association, the big pharmaceutical firms, and the medical supply firms.

ObamaRomneyCare is at its core an enrichment scheme for nearly all elements of the Medical Industrial Complex, with the possible exception of the lowly family practice physician, nurses, and hospital workers.

Entrevista con Presidente de Paraguay, Fernando Lugo

29 Jun