Liberals tonight

5 Jun
Liberals tonight: Obama brought victory to labor in Wisconsin… Wha…? He…?
Well OK… so what, he has supported labor for all of his four years, and kept all of his promises to defend labor and unions against corporate interests … He…? I coulda sworn he promised somthin’ like that… didn’t he…?
Well OK… he’s still a great President who has union’s back … now we can card check organize … He…? Who… Oh…
Well OK – he brought peace to the world – won the nobel peace prize… Oh, well – he’s just a softy and wants to protect Afghan and Pakistani and Libyan and Syrian women against Al Q — oh Al Q Libya *and* Syria?
OK… well, his wife’s got an organic garden and dresses pretty – u know she’s an educated African American and well spoken too…. so, he has my vote, please don’t be so divisive and Naderish … he’s better than Bush, right? Right? RIGHT? hellooo…. ?

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