Fernando Lugo: “Esto es un golpe de Estado express” – Paraguay

21 Jun

President Fernando Lugo was elected in 2008 by a landslide (an over 10% margin over his oligarchic opponent). Lugo, a former priest, influenced by Christian Liberation Theology ran on a platform of addressing social inequalities in Paraguay. Lugo’s administration, thus far, appears to be a mixed bag – he has faced significant difficulties getting his reforms passed through the Chamber and Senate that are largely oligarchy controlled. The issues that Lugo faces are smilar to that of other Latin American center-left governments: the region has not experienced a clear change of power relations (i.e. a revolution) – the media, and other centers of power largely remain in control of the landowners and industrialists – who have little or no interest in any reforms. As a result; the governments have left themselves open to challenges from the extremist right wings (with complete support from the imperial north, of-course).

Paraguayos se manifiestan en apoyo a su presidente

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