Muslim Brotherhood wins Presidency in Egypt

24 Jun

But is this a defeat or victory for imperialism? That still remains to be seen… the Muslim Brotherhood while branding itself an Islamic political party, has by and large allied itself with imperialism wherever it has come to power – Tunisia, Libya, and the forces receiving arms against the government of Syria – are all puppets. The celebrations in Cairo may be very short lived, if the Muslim Brotherhood takes the same sordid path – and becomes an “islamic” puppet of empire. Some people may be all happy ’cause, after all, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership was severely tortured by the secularist allies of empire, and it’s leader Syed Qutb executed by the nationalist Nasser. But the Muslim Brotherhood of today is all about compromise, and back room dealings – it’s leadership filled with engineers and technocrats, not social-Islamic revolutionaries.

For those interested in what once may have been the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic ideology – read Syed Qutb’s Social Justice in Islam

Mohamed Mursi es electo nuevo presidente de Egipto

Para los que interesa lo que era ideologica de los Hermanos Musulmanes – puedan leer Justicia Social en el Islam por Syed Qutb

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