imperial arrogance of “American Muslims”

4 Jul

Like their secular counterparts in both the left and right wings within empire, sections of the so-called “American Muslims” engage in arrogant behavior, believing that the United States is just ‘oh so great to live in for Muslims, and that “American Muslims” are way more advanced than those “other” Muslims in Muslim majority countries.  The looking down at Muslims of recent immigrant backgrounds, and those of Muslim majority countries is rooted in the same type of arrogance that has people within empire believing that they are better than other peoples of the world.

The arrogant “American Muslim” does not really need to provide any proof for their assertions, most, like their right/left counterparts in the US, have isolated themselves from the struggles and developing resistance to imperialism within Muslim countries, and buy into the media demonization of Muslim majority countries. The arrogant “American Muslim” excuse might be that they are focusing on “local struggles” – but this is bogus, as even when engaging in “local struggles” they do not hesitate to draw negative examples from the demonized countries to show how they (“American Muslims”) are superior.

Now, of-course, some of this might not be straight up arrogance, but is a result of pressures that “American Muslims” feel inside the empire (even while they claim how great it is to be on the inside) – they are required to disown the Islamic Revolution in Iran, for example, or take great pains to plead that they do not want any other Muslim majority country to become Islamic (i.e. not like Iran.) Or, even when acknowledging Islamic aspirations of Muslims elsewhere, to make broad disclaimers that they are “moderates.”

And the most absurd and arrogant of ’em all, using the hadith that the “sun will rise in the west” – to attribute that to themselves (i.e. “Western” or “American Muslims” are the “sun” rising in the west… )…

to be continued…

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