Is Wikileaks a pro-empire liberal fraud?

5 Jul

Back in 2010 when Wikileaks began it’s “leaks” – Allama Jawad Naqvi gave a series of lectures in Urdu suggesting that Wikileaks was not all that it was made out to be, and that they may not be the “great exposer for freedom” … and instead may be a source of “fitna” or creating deliberate destabilizations in favor of empire – while giving the impression that they were against empire.  The announcement by Wikileaks that they were going to now expose Syria, while the government of Syria is engaged in resistance against the onslaught of empire – lends credence to the points of view expressed by the Maulana.

We have begun to also see the unraveling of the so-called “Arab Spring” as they become increasingly wahabbified, and sectarian – especially in it’s pro-empire stance that led to the takeover of Libya by NATO/empire . And the current stance in which the so-called “elected” leadership of countries that have experienced “revolutions” have allowed their territories to be used by empire against other governments. Tunisia has allowed itself to be used to attack both Libya and Syria, as has the newly “elected” Muslim Brotherhood government that has allowed wahabbified/NATO supported groups to hold meetings in Egypt.  All the while there has been zero progress/change in relationship with the Zionist entity – even as Palestinians celebrated the election of MB in Egypt.

Allama Jawad Naqvi discussed these concerns (pdf, English) and also pointed out the role of the Islamic Republic to aid in the re-direction of these NATO instigated movements towards a genuine  expression of Islam. Unfortunately, much of the “leadership” has chosen to ignore IRI’s calls, and have instead allied themselves with empire. The story is, of-course, not complete – but it is important to understand the issues, and not fall into the sectarianism that empire is intent on creating.

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