the liberal fraud Avaaz

23 Aug

Avaaz, like the other liberal humanitarian imperialists, has been carrying out a campaign against Russia and Syria on behalf of empire – The Saker has a good write up exposing this group’s antics, and more importantly, its source of funding:

“Administered out of Res Publica’s headquarters in New York City, Avaaz operates in 14 languages and, as of July 2011, claimed to have more than 9.65 million “members” in 193 countries (…) ABC News reports, however, that the organization also receives financial backing from George Soros,, and the SEIU. In addition, Avaaz has received funding from Res Publica, which is bankrolled, in part, by the Open Society Institute.”

Here is why Avaaz hates the Russian government:

“What happens in Russia matters to us all. Russia has blocked international coordination on Syria and other urgent global issues…”

read more here with complete citations and links


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