abandonment of human rights: Amnesty International

3 Sep

Amnesty International has rapidly become a mouthpiece of the US State Department pursuing its humanitarian – imperialism attacks on countries all over the planet.

A good article by Gilad Atzmon describing what Amnesty International is:

“”Why do increasing numbers of people believe that Amnesty has abandoned the cause of human rights? As Francis Boyle, ex board member of Amnesty International USA – and renowned expert in international law puts it:

“Amnesty International is primarily motivated not by human rights but by publicity. Second comes money… To be sure, if you are dealing with a human rights situation in a country that is at odds with the United States or Britain, it gets an awful lot of attention… But if it’s dealing with violations of human rights by the United States, Britain, Israel, then it’s like pulling teeth to get them to really do something on the situation”.””

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