The wahabbi violence in Syria

9 Sep

There are now Muslim “leaders” in the United Staes who have joined the anti-Syrian jingoism – Hamza Yusuf is just one of the more prominent example. This is similar to what took place in the US during the proxy war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union; the US funded and armed some of the most sectarian and reactionary groups in the region. That policy has since haunted the region, and resulted in a near bankruptcy of the United States, as it attempts to fight a loosing battle, and shore up its economy at the same time. Then, as now, Muslim “leaders” and groups engaged in “fund raising” for these outfits – and further, with Saudi funding, created a hostile and ultra-sectarian atmosphere within the United States, that Muslim Americans have yet to recover from.

What is also interesting is that for years Hamza Yusuf kept a supposed “anti-imperialist” front, he then switched after 9/11/01 and his Zaytuna Institute kept a facade of “moderation” (read: pro-US imperialism) and anti-Wahabbism. Now, he has switched again, and while it is still not entirely popular to express one’s open support for the Whabbists (that now coalesces with the pro-Zionist/US Saudi policies) he and others are quickly moving with the wind to support the same fanatical and sectarian groupings in Syria that were once supported in Afghanistan.

A very good article with detailed analyses on the situation in Syria:

“It has to be noted that the so-called rebels in Syria have emerged to be identified as Jihadist-type mercenaries from various countries: Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan. These groups have long been used as proxies by the West. They are cultivated and funded by Saudi Arabia with its extremist deformed version of Islam, Wahhabism. It is proof of the foreign-backed nature of the violence in Syria that these groups are committing horrendous acts of violence against Syrian civilians of all religious dominations. It is proof too that the vast majority of ordinary Syrians do not support the mercenary groups. In fact, the ordinary people of Syria are living under a reign of terror by these groups.”


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