the liberal Mormonphobia – a variation of Islamophobia

6 Oct

Liberals attacking US Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have predictably taken to attacking his religion. This is not surprising, the liberal-left anti-religion secularists have only supported Muslims if we are willing to give up our Islamic values, and take on their useless secularist outlook – that is just as damaging to the planet as is the neo-conist right wing.

Check this recent article on Counterpunch:

“The manifestations of last night’s presidential debate have finally set in and we can’t help but imagine how dull and annoying the celebration inside the inner sanctum of Romney’s camp must be. We can only hope that the lowly staffers and interns swarming around their Republican chieftains were sneaking off with their miniature bottles of booze to indulge in safe quarters away from the Mormon leader. We say this with experience as one of us knows first hand just how mundane a LDS soiree can be, having flirted with their offspring long ago.”

The despicable derision of religious tenants and values of Mormonism, that require them to abstain from alcohol, should not be viewed in isolation. Such attacks should be deplored by Muslims, especially since we have similar values. An attack on such values should also be regarded as an attack on Muslims, a variation of left-Islamophobia (that is nothing more than the flip side of neo-conism).

“But even that doesn’t explain his hyper-aggressiveness. Perhaps someone slipped him (Romney) his first cup of coffee in the Green Room.”

Mormons also tend to avoid coffee, the above is yet another attack on the religion itself. Something basic that anti-religion/Islamophobic left don’t quite understand is that it is one thing to point out the political imperialism of people – and movements that may carry the banner of religion, it is quite another thing to attack people’s religious values. But we don’t expect western leftists to understand that, given the kind of imperialist baggage they carry, that often express themselves in white/western supremacist language. We see that the left-liberals are also employing similar tactics of using former Mormons to attack the tradition, very similar to how neo-cons use ex-Muslims to attack Islam.

Muslims while rightfully must critique and expose imperialism, must not fall for such a trap. And in the same vein, while left anti-imperialists who are supportive of religious values can help support our struggles, left anti-religion / secularists should be regarded with caution. And we should not in any shape way or form fall into the trap of supporting their agenda/values.

Now, specific to Mormonism, there is a history amongst Mormon leadership of a sincere respect for Islam – and indeed even a sense of identification because of a common history of misrepresentation that we have suffered.

Our struggle is against imperialism, not against religious values.

A couple of good articles on Muslim-Mormon relationships:

Mormonism and Islam: from polemics to mutual respect and cooperation

And: A Latter-day Saint Perspective on Muhammad

“As early as 1855, at a time when Christian literature generally ridiculed Muhammad as the Antichrist and the archenemy of Western civilization, Elders George A. Smith (1817–75) and Parley P. Pratt (1807–57) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles delivered lengthy sermons demonstrating an accurate and balanced understanding of Islamic history and speaking highly of Muhammad’s leadership. Elder Smith observed that Muhammad was “descended from Abraham and was no doubt raised up by God on purpose” to preach against idolatry. He sympathized with the plight of Muslims, who, like Latter-day Saints, found it difficult “to get an honest history” written about them. Speaking next, Elder Pratt went on to express his admiration for Muhammad’s teachings, asserting that “upon the whole, … [Muslims] have better morals and better institutions than many Christian nations.” ”

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