initial thoughts on the new Iranian President Rouhani #iranelection

17 Jun

President elect Rouhani is essentially a protege of Rafsanjani and an ideological compatriot of Khatami. Both of them are Iranian nationalists, whose first and really only concern is with Iran. As such they would be more than willing to make deals with what they term “major powers” if it would benefit Iran, even if such an action would mean betraying their old and new friends around the world. Essentially we should expect (but not hope for) a realignment of priorities, where the main focus will move away from the global south, and towards building “friendships” with the imperial, or as they call it, “major powers.” Such a policy would be in line with the nationalist leanings of this political faction within Iran. For them, the revolution was firs and foremost about Iran, and maybe secondarily about Islam. Although, Imam Khamenei does have a final say, and is responsible for foreign policy, he will not intervene as much so as to preserve the fragile political balance within Iran.

We are now beginning to see the first steps towards an implementation of such policies in the recent press conference by Rouhani:
some comments:

Things don’t look very good … these are the first hints of a misguided policy that Rohani will pursue:

Enhanced ties with neighbors, Iran’s first foreign policy priority

The first priority in Iran’s foreign policy will be the promotion of friendly and close relations with all its neighbors based on mutual respect and the principle of good neighborliness, he said.

He also highlighted the importance of brotherly relations with Persian Gulf Arab states, particularly Saudi Arabia, and expressed hope that the new Iranian government would be able to improve friendly ties with these countries.

“The first priority” to establish “brotherly relations” with “Saudi” Arabia is ludicrous to say the least, while the gulf nations are engaged in destroying an ally of Iran, and specifically massively funding the worst enemies of Shi’a Muslims, indeed not only Shi’a Muslims, but also Sunnis, and of humanity as a whole. These organ eating monsters that they are promoting, sicken any decent human being. One can have a cold tolerant relations so as to not get into an all out war, but a “brotherly” relations with these countries is absurd. The first priority should be to continue the current priorities which is to engage in brotherly relations with independent loving civilized nations such as Venezuela, Syria, and other up and coming nations in the continent of Africa, and South America. However, given that Rouhani (and, in the background, Rafsanjani and Khatami) are much more interested in “major powers” – we can expect a downgrading of relationships with Venezuela, and other nations of Latin America.

Iran will continue nuclear talks more actively
On the process of talks between Iran and the six major powers, namely the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France, and Germany, which are known as the P5+1 group, about the dispute over the country’s nuclear program, Rohani said that his government would continue talks with the 5+1 group more actively.

“We believe that the solution to the nuclear issue can only be found through dialogue. Threat is not effective, not sanctions, and the solution is holding negotiations,” he said.

Asked whether he will meet some Western countries’ demands that Iran should halt uranium enrichment, he said that the era of suspension had come to an end.

“We are now in a special situation, and I think that there are many ways to build confidence,” he said.

Rohani formerly served as the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and was Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator in the talks with Britain, France, and Germany between 2003 and 2005.

Iran agreed to temporarily suspend uranium enrichment-related activities in 2004.

Rohani wants to be more transparent re: nuclear issues – fact is that being anymore “transparent” would mean Iran giving up her sovereignty … why should she do anymore than that which is required by the IAEA? Just because “major powers” require it? This is tantamount to recognizing that the “major powers” are legitimate, which they are not.

The statement on the US is OK, or at least looks OK, but it also appears that he is laying the groundwork to appease the US. That is dangerous, to say the least, what is needed is not being nice, but nicely telling the US that Iran is equal to the US, and that there needs to be pre-conditions, such as the US being informed that the international community (the real international community of independent nations) does not have much interest in the US being a “major power” anymore… And that Iran will find other ways to move forward. Hopefully Rohani will not turn out like Chamberlain who made a paper deal with Hitler. Betraying the other nations of the world, who Hitler went on to wreck.

Remember the US is not a nationalist country, it is an international imperialist nation… and in the face of it, it is very dangerous to assume a purely nationalist response — i.e. one of, we’re only concerned with Iran…

Inshallah, events will prove me wrong in this analyses, and Rouhani will turn out to be a decent President….


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