the coming liberal war

26 Aug

the liberals are getting ready for their war -cheering this one will be fair trade organic cappuccino drinkers – gay lesbian bi – all happily equally getting married to each other – and of-course all the while growing their organic tomatoes – holding high their Howard Zinns and tuning into their favorite pacifist radio station – rooting for their icon while sporting a peace not war bumper sticker on their Prius – while bringing on their solar panels and community organizers shaking their heads – oh how we wish we were there to rescue and bring freedom and progressivist ideals – oppressed they are with a 1400 + year old religion … religion? Did you say religion?! Ah… if only we could all be Universal Unitarians … peace and dove. Sadly… something must be done, and he had to do something… so don’t blame him for this war… no no … and abortion we must protect in the next elections. And proud we are that we too now can stand strong and bring security to America for generations to come. 


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