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Hablemos del pasado -cine Iran

29 Dec

Un trozo de pan – pelicula Irani

2 Aug

La Hora de Los Hornos (primera parte)

15 Jul

Neocolonialismo, violencia, y La Liberacion –

Oro y Cobre طلا و مس

10 Jul

Película iraní del director Homayoun Assadian, en la que un joven estudiante de ciencias religiosas se verá obligado a transformar su conocimiento sobre el Islam en acción, cuando su mujer es diagnosticada con esclerosis múltiple (EM).

Salt of the Earth

30 Jun

One of the finest movies made in the US on labor struggles: “The film was denounced by the United States House of Representatives for its communist sympathies, and the FBI investigated the film’s financing. The American Legion called for a nation-wide boycott of the film. Film-processing labs were told not to work on Salt of the Earth and unionized projectionists were instructed not to show it. After its opening night in New York City, the film languished for 10 years because all but 12 theaters in the country refused to screen it.”