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Discurso de Seyed Hasan Nasrolá sobre ataques israelíes contra Gaza

17 Nov

labbayk ya Rasoul Allah – rally in Lebanon

17 Sep

A good analyses of Nasrallah’s statements, and the nature of the protests:

I wrote a couple of days ago that cultural and ideological imperialism must be confronted but only when situated within the wider framework of justice and the rejection of oppression, and when guided by a specific political position. Hizbullah’s response to the “Innocence of Muslims” movie and its planned protests for the coming week are situated within this framework. In his speech this evening, Nasrallah used the short movie clip as a tool for mobilizing the Arab masses against US imperialism and an opportunity to unite Muslims at a time when Sunni-Shi’ite tensions are at an all time high. Such ecumenical steps must also be viewed in the context of accusations by some [Wahhabi and Salafi] Sunni clerics who allege that the Shi’ites revere Imams Ali and Hussein far more than the Prophet Mohammad.”