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America’s Errant Foreign Policy” | Min. Louis Farrakhan

1 Sep

the coming liberal war

26 Aug

the liberals are getting ready for their war -cheering this one will be fair trade organic cappuccino drinkers – gay lesbian bi – all happily equally getting married to each other – and of-course all the while growing their organic tomatoes – holding high their Howard Zinns and tuning into their favorite pacifist radio station – rooting for their icon while sporting a peace not war bumper sticker on their Prius – while bringing on their solar panels and community organizers shaking their heads – oh how we wish we were there to rescue and bring freedom and progressivist ideals – oppressed they are with a 1400 + year old religion … religion? Did you say religion?! Ah… if only we could all be Universal Unitarians … peace and dove. Sadly… something must be done, and he had to do something… so don’t blame him for this war… no no … and abortion we must protect in the next elections. And proud we are that we too now can stand strong and bring security to America for generations to come. 

the so-called Obama’s “victory”

7 Nov

The winner take all concept in US politics and culture may appear to make Obama a victor, but a closer look at the numbers suggest something entirely different. The United States is severely divided, not only along racial lines, but also along geographic, social, and cultural lines… Large portions of the country, although, relatively sparsely populated voted against Obama (no they did not vote for Romney either). But while the urban areas are growing, smaller towns still make up much of the United States, this essentially means that there is a geographic majority who do not support the Democrats, and remain staunchly conservative. This geographic majority is not going away anytime soon, and it is likely that as the social-cultural divide grows, the rural or more conservative working class areas are going to end up showing a population increase.

But what is even more stark is that, compared to 2008, Obama received nearly 10 million less votes! And a turnout of maybe just over 50% – that means that barely 25% of those elegible to vote, voted for Obama, nearly 75% either voted against Obama, or have opted to drop out of the process entirely. This is hardly a mandate for anything, and Obama knows this, and if he is to have any sort of a “legacy” he is going to have to make a “grand compromise” with the Republicans. Such a compromise will, in all likelihood, mean gutting of social security, and an even more massive privatization of health care.  And a continuation of wars that is bankrupting the economy. Ultimately, the liberals, who supported Obama, will end up paying a huge price for their stupidity, and lack of any real imagination. The victors will remain the war mongering imperial liberals – and their neo-con compatriots.

on the US campaign to export “moderate Islam”

14 Oct

An interesting article on how US Muslims are being used by the US State Department to export its version of Islam.

“A State Department official, Shahed Amanullah, ran through the ways effective al-Qaida propagandists spread their message on the internet, and described how a program he runs, called Viral Peace, seeks to troll the online radicals.”

The intriguing aspect of all this is that Mr. Shahed Amanullah may be pretending to fight al-Qaida propagandists. BUT his own “moderate Muslim” types such as Hamza Yusuf, and Hatem Bazian (see also this link ) and the US State Department are in fact providing support to the same fanatics that he is supposedly against.

But then this is usually the trap that native informant type of Muslims (willingly) fall into, they allow themselves to be used, gaining some short term fame, and then are thrown aside – when the political climate changes. What Mr. Amanullah is doing is allying himself with one brand of extremists – to fight against another – all the while the facts are that they are both allies of one another. And all that is happening here is a certain competition on who can recruit more Muslims to be used as cannon fodder – for basically a similar purpose of keeping oppressed peoples oppressed, and the powerful remain powerful: aka status quo.

on #fakeliberals and Liberal Fascists

11 Oct

Liberal Fascists..for them,only the kids shot by TTP are humans and the infants killed by drones are plastic toys.

@Shahidmasooddr When Malala is attacked by TTP, its a national tragedy, when many children are droned, its national strategy!#DualStandards

Liberal Fascists and TTP are two sides same coin.Both crying ,”Kill,Bomb,Drone”!.Different slogans but same objective of hatred & bloodshed.