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We Who Dared to Say No to War

18 Jun

A good book to appreciate the history of US anti-imperialism – from a wide spectrum of political backgrounds:

We Who Dared to Say No to War uncovers some of the forgotten but compelling body of work from the American antiwar tradition—speeches, articles, poetry, book excerpts, political cartoons, and more—from people throughout our history who have opposed war. Beginning with the War of 1812, these selections cover every major American war up to the present and come from both the left and the right, from religious and secular viewpoints. There are many surprises, including a forgotten letter from a Christian theologian urging Confederate President Jefferson Davis to exempt Christians from the draft and a speech by Abraham Lincoln opposing the 1848 Mexican War. Among others, Daniel Webster, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, Grover Cleveland, Eugene Debs, Robert Taft, Paul Craig Roberts, Patrick Buchanan, and Country Joe and the Fish make an appearance. This first-ever anthology of American antiwar writing offers the full range of the subject’s richness and variety.


The Illegal War on Libya by Cynthia McKinney

2 Jun

This volume offers both analysis and eyewitness accounts of
the NATO assault on a helpless civilian population it had a UN mandate to protect, and the massive propaganda campaign that made it possible.

It responds to the many questions left unanswered by a complicit mainstream media, such as: Why Libya, not Bahrain, Yemen or Egypt? What was life in Libya like under Gadhafi? What is the truth about the so-called “Black Mercenaries”?

What about Africom’s Plans for Africa?

Cynthia McKinney and other contributors to this volume were in Libya during the period of the NATO assault on Libyan cities, among the few independent voices to report on the tragedy.

USAID, NED y CIA – La Agresión Permanente por Eva Golinger

21 May

Libro completo disponible aqui: La Agresión Permanente por Eva Golinger (pdf)

Los hijos de los días – Eduardo Galeano

9 May