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What’s happening to Muslims in Myanmar?

29 Jul

The so-called “democracy” nobel peace prize winner of Myanmar, Suu Kyi, is little or nothing more than a puppet of the Obama/imperial regimes. We should expect her to continue Myanmar’s anti-Muslim policies, as she proceeds to “open” up her country to predators investors who will proceed to colonize Myanmar. And make the nation into little more than a US/NATO base in South East Asia.

Another issue is how Buddhism is viewed amongst liberal imperialists, for them it is something that is a “non-violent” “peaceful” apolitical alternative to what they consider to be “oppressive institutional religions.” Exposing Buddhism as a repressive state institution, often working at the behest of Empire could result in popping of the bubble that most liberals live in. But Myanmar is not the only country where the Buddhist “leaders” make common cause with the goals of imperialism, we’ve seen that Tibetan Buddhism of the Dalai Lama brand is also in a cozy familial relationship with Empire, much of which is completely ignored by liberal practitioners, who prefer to idolize the Lama as a “democracy” promoter etc.

There of-course are Buddhist practitioners who are serious about the centrality of justice in Gautama Buddha’s teachings, and anyone reading the history of the individual would grasp this immediately. But unfortunately, much of this gets lost, both amongst the western liberals who’ve adopted Buddhism, and the empire friendly Buddhist leadership.