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Quetta sit in against killings of Shi’a in Pakistan

13 Jan






for more information see this thread on Shi’a Chat


on #fakeliberals and Liberal Fascists

11 Oct

Liberal Fascists..for them,only the kids shot by TTP are humans and the infants killed by drones are plastic toys.

@Shahidmasooddr When Malala is attacked by TTP, its a national tragedy, when many children are droned, its national strategy!#DualStandards

Liberal Fascists and TTP are two sides same coin.Both crying ,”Kill,Bomb,Drone”!.Different slogans but same objective of hatred & bloodshed.

Dossier con Walter Martinez, el mejor programa en espanol que cubre eventos actuales en el medio oriente #Syria

20 Sep

inicia cobertura del medio oriente a 31m13s

Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah! Karachi, Pakistan

16 Sep

Quds Day in Karachi

23 Aug