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the coming liberal war

26 Aug

the liberals are getting ready for their war -cheering this one will be fair trade organic cappuccino drinkers – gay lesbian bi – all happily equally getting married to each other – and of-course all the while growing their organic tomatoes – holding high their Howard Zinns and tuning into their favorite pacifist radio station – rooting for their icon while sporting a peace not war bumper sticker on their Prius – while bringing on their solar panels and community organizers shaking their heads – oh how we wish we were there to rescue and bring freedom and progressivist ideals – oppressed they are with a 1400 + year old religion … religion? Did you say religion?! Ah… if only we could all be Universal Unitarians … peace and dove. Sadly… something must be done, and he had to do something… so don’t blame him for this war… no no … and abortion we must protect in the next elections. And proud we are that we too now can stand strong and bring security to America for generations to come. 


liberal left imperialists

20 Jun

Some on the left are beginning to recognize that a significant portion of the liberal-left in North America and Europe are nothing more than reactionary imperialists, who provide cover, and act on behalf of empire – especially on how this all relates to the “mid-east” Arabs and Muslims – and more specifically on the question of NATO supported offensives against the people of Libya and Syria

A few links and exchanges that highlight this recent development:

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