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white privilege

9 Feb

white privilege


American Diversity

9 Feb

American Diversity

the so-called Obama’s “victory”

7 Nov

The winner take all concept in US politics and culture may appear to make Obama a victor, but a closer look at the numbers suggest something entirely different. The United States is severely divided, not only along racial lines, but also along geographic, social, and cultural lines… Large portions of the country, although, relatively sparsely populated voted against Obama (no they did not vote for Romney either). But while the urban areas are growing, smaller towns still make up much of the United States, this essentially means that there is a geographic majority who do not support the Democrats, and remain staunchly conservative. This geographic majority is not going away anytime soon, and it is likely that as the social-cultural divide grows, the rural or more conservative working class areas are going to end up showing a population increase.

But what is even more stark is that, compared to 2008, Obama received nearly 10 million less votes! And a turnout of maybe just over 50% – that means that barely 25% of those elegible to vote, voted for Obama, nearly 75% either voted against Obama, or have opted to drop out of the process entirely. This is hardly a mandate for anything, and Obama knows this, and if he is to have any sort of a “legacy” he is going to have to make a “grand compromise” with the Republicans. Such a compromise will, in all likelihood, mean gutting of social security, and an even more massive privatization of health care.  And a continuation of wars that is bankrupting the economy. Ultimately, the liberals, who supported Obama, will end up paying a huge price for their stupidity, and lack of any real imagination. The victors will remain the war mongering imperial liberals – and their neo-con compatriots.

Baiting Muslims

24 Oct

American (House?) Muslims for Palestine plays a dangerous game #Syria

18 Sep

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) used to be a fairly decent Palestine advocacy group in the United States, and has been able to bring together a good group of community based activists together to raise the issue of Palestine within the United States. Chaired by Hatem Bazian, they avoided a fair bit of the trappings of other lobby groups that advocated little more than galas.

However, now this group has entered the territory of taking a clear political position on the side of the violent “rebels” in Syria, see poster below. The action is being directly organized by AMP, and amongst its endorsers is The Syrian American Council that, among other things, specifically advocates military intervention in Syria, and further supports the Al Qaeda infiltrated Free Syrian Army.

“”In view of the considerable support for foreign military intervention in Syria by activists working on the ground to topple the Ba`ath regime of Bashar al-Assad, SAC supports military intervention with or without a UN mandate aimed at protecting civilians, particularly in Deraa, Idlib, Hama, and Homs, and their surroundings. SAC opposes the use of western ground troops, but ground troops from Arab and Islamic countries may be considered as an option. Western military intervention (US and/or NATO) should focus on the establishment of a no-fly zone over all or part of Syria, the establishment of safety zones around Deraa, Idlib, Hama, and Homs and safety corridors between these cities and one or more of Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey without “boots on the ground.”

SAC and the Free Syrian Army (FSA)

SAC supports coordination between the SNC and the FSA to develop the FSA into a military force capable of protecting the Syrian people from the forces of the Assad regime immediately and the early post-Assad period. Eventually, the FSA will need to re-integrated back into the Syrian army, and hence it is important that the FSA develop into a disciplined force under a clear chain of command with a culture of respect for civilian authority and internationally recognized norms of human rights. Therefore, SAC will coordinate with the US administration and the SNC to provide the FSA with material and logistical support to improve the effectiveness of the FSA. Furthermore, SAC will work to encourage the development of guidelines in coordination with the SNC and the FSA on such issues as membership in the FSA; alignment of the FSA’s vision for a post-Assad Syria with the vision of the SNC, particularly civilian rule; coordination with political leadership; governance; and accountability to prevent abuse by its soldiers. Progress on these basic fronts should be considered from time to time by SAC when periodically evaluating SAC’s policy regarding the FSA.””

Hatem Bazian is taking many Muslims, especially young politically active Muslims in the US, who generally respect Mr. Bazian’s previous work around Palestine, down a seriously dangerous road. It is a road that will, without a doubt, come back to haunt them, once the US is done with supporting the FSA, and declares them a terrorist outfit (which is what they are). Another question that needs to be raised, who is the AMP now representing? And what is the nature of the manufactured consensus that the AMP is attempting to build?




2 – 6 PM


• SH. JAMAL SAID Mosque Foundation Imam
• SAFAA ZARZOUR ISNA Secretary General
• DR. TALAL SUNBULLIi Syrian American Council President
• Performance by YAHYA HAWWA
• and other community activists and leaders!

Mosque Foundation parking lot
7360 W. 93rd St.
Bridgeview, IL 60455

Vendors will be selling food, Syrian memorabilia, and much more!

This event is organized by the American Muslims for Palestine
Fundraising for Syrian refugees will be administered by the Zakat

Endorsed by: Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), The Mosque Foundation, Muslim American Society (MAS) Chicago, Syrian American Council (SAC) Chicago and Syrian American Society (SAS), Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), Muslim Educational and Cultural Center of American (MECCA)